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For those individuals who dread going to the dentist, Sedation Dentistry of Sunny Isles is here to help you overcome your fears.  Dental anxiety and phobias are not uncommon.  Research statistics have shown that 80% of all American men, women, and children feel some degree of anxiety or fear when going to the dentist.  In fact, many individuals experience feelings of dread for days, or even weeks, prior to a pending Miramar dental appointment.


As a result, these individuals will avoid seeing the dentist altogether because of those fears.  Ultimately, they wind up paying the price for neglecting their teeth when more serious issues and problems develop.  If you’ve neglected caring for your teeth because you’re afraid of experiencing pain and discomfort while undergoing a dental procedure, our sedation dentistry services in Miramar may be right for you.  Sedation Dentistry of Sunny Isles may be able to help you restore your smile in only one or two visits.


Patient Comfort is Our #1 Priority


We understand how stressful a visit to the dentist can be, especially if your fears are associated with bad memories of a past dentist experience in Miramar.  We have had patients that avoided seeing a dentist for 20 years or more for this very reason.  But with the help of our caring, compassionate staff and sedation dentistry, many of them have overcome their fears; and have had their smiles restored.  When you visit our office we’ll show you how you can be comfortable and confident during your appointment.


Our goal is to provide the highest quality sedation dentistry services in Miramar possible; so that you can have a beautiful, healthier smile and keep your teeth longer.  When you visit Sedation Dentistry of Sunny Isles for a Miramar dental procedure or treatment, we will do everything possible to ensure that you have a stress-free experience.  Our staff will work with first-time patients to develop a preventative dental care plan that fits the specific goals, lifestyles, and personal needs of your family.


Personalized Services for Entire Families


It’s not always easy for families to find one dental clinic or facility where both the parents and their children can be treated in the same location.  Our sedation dentistry practice in Miramar offers personalized services for the entire family.  So, you only have one place to go for routine check-ups, and any procedures that may be necessary for you and your children.  As a result, we offer the following dental services:


Restorative Miramar dental services – This is the different dentistry methods or techniques for repairing damaged teeth, or replacing teeth due to decay, deterioration of previous restorations, and fractures.


Cosmetic dentist services – This refers to dental procedures and treatments that improve the appearance of your gums and teeth; focuses on dental aesthetics and improving the alignment and overall appearance of your smile


Emergency dentist services – When you have a dental emergency, Sedation Dentistry of Sunny Isles offers around-the-clock care for teeth that are damaged in an accident, or as a result of facial trauma.


Dental implants services in Miramar– This is a more permanent solution for damaged or missing teeth that has the appearance and feel of real teeth.  Unlike dentures, implants improve one’s ability eat and speak.


Preventative dental services in Miramar– This is the practice of keeping a person’s teeth healthy and helping them avoid cavities, enamel wear, gum or periodontal disease, tooth decay, and more.


Why Choose Sedation Dentistry of Sunny Isles?


Our experienced, highly trained staff is dedicated to providing quality dental care and the satisfaction of our patients.  As a team, we have a thorough knowledge of our patients and understand their concerns and special needs.  Consequently, we offer more personalized attention and are geared towards building and maintaining long-term relationships with them.  Plus, we provide the most extensive line of dental services in southern Florida.


If you would like more information regarding our sedation dentistry practice in Miramar, or the many dental services for families, please contact Sedation Dentistry of Sunny Isles at your earliest convenience.  We have all the details and would love to answer any questions that you have.

No matter the scope of your cosmetic dental problems, we will treat you with genuine concern and compassion. We want to be your lifelong partner in dental health. Feel free to contact our Sunny Isles Beach office with any questions.

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Cosmetic Dentistry

There’s so much that can be done these days to improve the appearance of a person’s smile — at any age. From powerful, professional whitening treatments to amazingly realistic porcelain veneers to state-of-the-art dental implants. Learn how Sedation Dentistry of Sunny Isles can help take your smile to the next level.

The first step in any smile makeover is a thorough dental examination to make sure that your cosmetic problems really are just that, and not a sign of underlying dental disease. Once your health has been established, your smile can be cosmetically enhanced in a variety of ways.

Beautiful Veneers

When bonded to your teeth, veneers can create a natural-looking, beautiful new surface. That’s because dental porcelain, like natural tooth enamel, is translucent and tough. But it doesn’t stain like tooth enamel does.

Recent years have brought remarkable advances in dental porcelain technology. These days, veneers can be made so thin that they can sometimes be bonded directly onto your existing tooth surface. In other cases, a very thin layer of tooth enamel — as thin as the veneer itself — needs to be removed to fit the new porcelain surface and make it look as lifelike as possible. Either way, the results are sure to make you smile.

Dental Implants

A dental implant most often takes the form of a small, screw-shaped titanium post that replaces the root-part of a missing tooth. The surgical procedure used to place an implant is actually quite minor and routine, requiring only local anesthesia in most cases. After a healing period, the implant is topped with a lifelike crown custom-made to match your existing natural teeth. Implants have a documented success rate of over 95%, which is significantly higher than any other tooth-replacement option.

Sedation Dentistry

There’s so much dentistry can do these days to make your mouth healthier and your smile more beautiful. Yet many people don’t take advantage of this because of a long-standing fear of dental treatment. If you are one of these people, rest assured that it’s possible to have an experience that’s free of anxiety and pain. This can be accomplished by blocking your sensations of pain with local anesthetics or by giving you medication that can help you relax. Sometimes both are needed to ensure maximum comfort, especially if you are someone for whom the injections that deliver local anesthetics are themselves a major source of anxiety.

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