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Are you looking for quality dental care or cosmetic dentistry clinic? The practice of cosmetic dentistry typically refers to dental care methods that help to improve the appearance of your bite, gums, and/or teeth though not necessarily the function of them. The primary emphasis or focus is on improving the dental aesthetics of the alignment, color, positioning, shape, and size of the teeth as well as the overall appearance of your smile.

Although these cosmetic dental procedures are viewed as elective in nature and not essential, some procedures provide restorative advantages and benefits as well. The following is a list of the 5 most common cosmetic dentistry procedures:

  • Composite bonding – the process of repairing damaged, decaying, or discolored teeth through the use of materials made to resemble the natural color of the enamel. The decayed are is drilled out and the composite material is applied to the tooth’s surface. It is then sculpted to match the shape of the tooth and cured with high-intensity light. Now that it’s covered, it has the appearance of a healthy tooth.
  • Dental veneers – a prosthetic made from medical-grade ceramic material. These are made to fit the individual patient so as to resemble their natural teeth. Dental veneers have an exceptionally realistic appearance and are a popular cosmetic dentistry solution for cracked or damaged enamel, crooked teeth, and gaps between teeth. The dentist typically uses an adhesive to apply the veneer to the front surface of the tooth. It is not painful and is quick procedure comparatively.
  • Implants – a more permanent alternative to replacing damaged or missing teeth, dental implants are comprised of a titanium screw that is inserted into the jaw bone and serves as the root of the tooth and the support for the artificial tooth or crown. For all intents and purposes, it is almost impossible to distinguish a dental implant from your natural teeth. If the procedure is done properly, implants should last the rest of your life.
  • Indirect fillings or inlays and overlays – typically used when teeth are mildly to moderately decay or when the lack of sufficient tooth structure renders it incapable of being filled. Inlays are placed directly on the surface of the tooth when the cusp isn’t damaged. On the other hand, onlays are used to cover the entire surface of the tooth when there is significant damage.
  • Teeth whitening – this is the most popular cosmetic dentistry procedure probably since it is the least costly overall. Sometimes referred to as teeth bleaching, this is usually performed in the dentist’s clinic or office. A whitening procedure should be performed once the natural surface of the tooth has been restored by removing plaque, tartar, and any other type of debris on the tooth’s surface.

If you’re considering any of the above, be sure you find a dentist that offers cosmetic dentistry solutions and can perform the procedure you are interested in.